“In halls of learning where we least expect to find it, in governments, in religious temples, in businesses, in marriages and families, dogmatism is the arrogant voice of certainty that closes the mind, damages relationships, and threatens peaceful coexistence on this planet.

“Judy Johnson presents a compelling argument for viewing dogmatism as a serious problem. In this nonfiction book, she provides lively, illustrative case studies for the characteristics of this personality trait and draws from traditional and contemporary personality theories, biopsychology, social learning theory, Buddhism, and evolutionary psychology to outline the major influences that shape its trajectory.

“By focusing on how people believe, not what they believe, we can minimize dogmatism’s harmful effects in our personal lives as well as our educational, political, religious, and other social institutions.”

Steven Goldberg,
Professor Emeritus,
City University of New York

“Understanding the ‘other’ will pose the 21st century’s greatest social challenge.”

Charles Taylor,
Professor Emeritus,
McGill University, Montreal, PQ

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